To help teaching staff produce Course Pack easily, PTC has integrated the Course Pack Copying procedures with its existing Online Work Request workflow. Using a web browser (preferably with MS Internet Explorer or Netcape Communicator 4.7 or above), user can place the Course Pack Production request and complete almost the whole process online with minimal paper work and turnaround time.

Note:The information on HKRRLS licensed materials and related course data are collected according to the Licence Agreement with HKRRLS (Photocopying) (Scanning). They will be presented to HKRRLS for copyright clearance. PTC will not cross check them during the whole production process and will not be accountable for their accuracy.

This workflow will not handle copyright clearance for other non-HKRRLS licensed materials contained in the Course Pack. As existing practice, evidence of their copyright clearance should be presented to PTC when necessary.

How to place the request?
Placing Course Pack Production Request requires MS Internet Explorer (IE). Please follow the steps below:
1. Go to "http://ptcwork/request" or PTC web site.
2. Login the "User Project System" with ITSC Network Account.
3. Select "Course Pack Production (with copyrighted materials)".
4. Accept the terms of "Notes to users"
5. Course Pack Production Request Form
5.1 Fill in the course information and the HKRRLS Licensed Materials contained in the Course Pack;
5.2 Not all copyrighted materials are licensed by HKRRLS. Search the Course Pack website or use the Keyword Search to find the updated "Excluded Works" (requester must clear the copyrights for other non-HRRLS licensed materials themselves);
5.3 If more than 4 works are cited, click "Add more items" to include up to 30 works;
5.4 Click "View Order Form" to review the input data and calculate the licence fees.
6. Course Pack Production Order Form
6.1 The form displays all course and citation information inputted by the requester and calculates the license fee incurred;
6.2 Click "Go Back" to return to the Request Form for modifying contents or placing the request;
6.3 Click "Print Order Form" and let the Course Instructor sign on the hardcopy;
6.4 After sending the copying request online (mentioned in 7.2 and 7.3), bring the signed Order Form and the master copy of the Course Pack to PTC Printshop to proceed with the copying.
7. Placing the Course Pack Production Request
  After confirming all details, select either:
7.1 "Save Draft" to save the draft request in your PTC Job List;
7.2 "Save & Send Draft" to save the draft request and email the request contents to instructors or colleagues. No request is placed at this stage;
7.3 "Seek Endorsement" to obtain endorsement from budget controller; or
7.4 "Submit Request" to proceed with placing the request;
7.5 The system will remind you to email to HKRRLS if there are excess copies or extracts included in the Coure Pack copying request.
8. Following up the Copying Request
8.1 Draft requests will be shown as [Draft] in your PTC job list for future action. Please refer to "Using PTC Job List" for details;
8.2 Submitted Course Pack Production request or requests seeking endorsement will be assigned a PTC Job Number, which will be notified to all parties through email;
8.3 The requests' contents can be accessed by clicking the [Draft] or the PTC Job Numbers.
How the request will be processed?
9. Course Pack Production Procedures
  Upon receipt of the signed Course Pack Production Order Form together with the Course Pack master, PTC will:
9.1 Add a HKRRLS reference number to the Course Pack;
9.2 Accept the job and send email notification to HKRRLS as follow:

From: HKUST Printshop (
Subject: Course Pack [HCPXXXX05XX]

Please be informed that we will produce a Course Pack for Course Code: BICH001, Course Title: Basic Biochemistry. The HKRRLS Reference Number is: HCPXXXX05XX. For details, please access the Order Form with ID: hkrrls, Password: [R12345] (PTC Job Number)

Publishing Technology Center
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

9.3 At the same time, email the job acceptance to Requester, Course Instructor and Budget Controller as below
From: HKUST Printshop (
To: Requester
Cc: Course Instructor, Budget Controller
Subject: [R12345] Accepted: Course Pack Production Request for [BICH 001]

We accept your PTC Work Request for
Course Pack Production Request for [BICH 001]

PTC Job Number: R12345
HKRRLS Licence Number: [HCPXXXX05XX]

9.4 Produce a cover sheet setting out the course information, details of licensed materials and copyright statement as required by the terms of the licence issued by HKRRLS.
9.5 Send the cover sheet to the requester for confirmation before mass photocopying.

Updating Course Pack Production Request

  Course Pack Production request can be updated in the following stages by dedicated roles:
10.1 Draft Request: by the requester;
10.2 Waiting Endorsement Stage: by the budget controller except the inputted HKRRLS licensed materials;
10.3 Waiting Acceptance and Accepted stages: by the appropriate PTC staff except the inputted HKRRLS licensed materials;
10.4 If the requester wants to update the HKRRLS licensed materials, the original request will be deleted. PTC can help duplicate the original request by “Duplicate as Draft” so that input data can be retained for easy updating.
How the charges will be settled?

Payment of Licence Fee

11.1 PTC will help collect the HKRRLS Licence Fee from users departments, together with other material and service fees, through its existing monthly back charge mechanism;


The collected licence fees will be paid back to Finance Office every month for settling the quarterly payment to HKRRLS.