1. What is a Course Pack?
  According to the Agreement, a course pack is a compilation of materials designed in advance to support the teaching of a course of study.
2. I produce a lot of course notes and handouts for my class. Are these materials Course Pack?
  If the time of the teacher's decision to use the course materials and the proposed time to use them in the classroom is 3 working days or less then 3 working days, then the course materials may NOT be regarded as Course Pack.
3. Do I need to observe other copyright regulations?
  Section 45 of Copyright Ordinance (cap.528) allows photocopying of printed works to a reasonable extend by educational establishment. Please refer to"Multiple Copying for Instruction Purpose" of "Guidelines for Photocopying of Printed Works by Not-for-profit Educational Establishments"
4. Are all Course Packs subject to charging of licence fee?
  No. Only Course Packs containing copyrighted materials licensed by HKRRLS or other licensing bodies are/may be required to pay licence fee.
5. What is HKRRLS?
  HKRRLS stands for Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Society. Incorporated in November 1998, the Society is a reproduction rights organisation with legal basis based upon provisions in the Copyright Ordinance of the HKSAR.
6. Why HKUST signs the Licence Agreement with HKRRLS?
  HKRRLS approached local educational institutions to establish copyright licences. In mid-2000, the Heads of Universities Committee (HUCOM) decided on a joint-university task force to negotiate with HKRRLS. The HUCOM Inter-Institutional Task Force on Reprographic Rights Licensing, after rounds of discussions with HKRRLS, has finalized an Agreement with HKRRLS, which has been vetted by the legal adviser of the Task Force, Johnson Stokes & Master. The Agreement is also signed by all eight local UGC-funded universities.
7. What is the implication of the Agreement on my teaching?
  Instructors producing Course Packs that contain copyrighted materials licensed by HKRRLS will need to declare the copyrighted materials and pay licence fee to HKRRLS. The procedures can be done online in PTC's Course Pack Copying System accessible through ""
8. Are there any restrictions in making and using Course Packs with HKRRLS licensed contents?
  There are certain regulations to follow. Please refer to Item (3) "Restrictions and Obligations" of the Agreement. The easiest way is to utilize PTC's online Course Pack Copying System, which is designed to guide you through the whole process.
9. Can I produce more that one Course Pack for the same course?
  According to Agreement, no more than one Course Pack shall be made in relation to the same Course of Study. However, you can write to HKRRLS to do so if the total extracts of copyrighted works is less than 30 items within the same Course of Study.
10. What HKRRLS offers through the Agreement?
  For copyrighted materials covered under the Agreement (please refer to Schedule II the Agreement), the signing of the Agreement will help provide a service to HKUST for clearing the copyright for licensed materials used in Course Packs.
11. What copyrighted materials are licensed by HKRRLS?
  According to the Agreement, all literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic Work, or a part of such Works in printed form, of which copies have been issued to the public whether in the form of a book, magazine, newspaper, journal or periodical.
12. What copyrighted materials are NOT licensed by HKRRLS?
  Copyrighted materials NOT licensed by HKRRLS are listed in Schedule IV of the Agreement. They include Hong Kong’s newspapers and magazines. You can search the Course Pack Website to find the most updated list.
13. What if my Course Pack does not contain any HKRRLS licensed materials, but materials from other licensing bodies?
  In this case, you don't need to adopt the workflow in PTC's Course Pack Copying System. However, you should seek permission from the author/publisher for using these materials before producing the Course Packs..
14. What is the licence fee for using HKRRLS licensed materials in Course Pack?
  According to Schedule III of the Agreement, HKRRLS charges $0.60 and $0.65 (in 2013 and 2014 respectively) for every page of Course Packs made of the license materials, i.e. $0.60/0.65 x number of licensed page x number of copy.
15. How I declare the licensed materials in my Course Packs?
  Simply fill in PTC's online Course Pack Copying Request Form. The system will calculate the license fee incurred and indicate in the Course Pack Copying Order Form.
16. Will anybody check the accuracy of the course and citation information I provide for Course Pack production.
  While handling the logistics in complying with the Licence Agreement and the actual copying task, PTC will not cross check the accuracy of the course and citation information inputted in the online system. The instructor who signs the "Course Pack Copying Order Form" will be accountable for their accuracy.
17. Can I produce the Course Packs using my departmental copier?
  No. All Course Pack copying with HKRRLS licensed materials should be handled through PTC. This ensures all productions are fully compliance with the Agreement, and all records are documented for HKRRLS’s examination.
18. Can I outsource the Course Pack copying to off-campus printers?
  According to the Agreement, all copying of Course Pack containing HKRRLS licensed materials can only be made within the campus by HKUST staff, unless the off-campus printer is authorized by HKRRLS.
19. How I can pay the licence fees for HKRRLS?
  If the Course Packs are ordered through PTC's online system, the licence fee will be collected together with other service and materials charges through PTC's monthly back charge exercise. PTC will credit the amount to Finance Office for settling the payment with HKRRLS.
20. What are the differences between Printed Course Pack and Digital Course Pack?
  Printed Course Pack Digital Course Pack
Deliverable Printed copies Scan/digital copies
Distribution By instructor/department to students Through the LMES course site
Usability Bound hardcopy produced by PTC and retained by course users for subsequent reference Course users can access and download the scan (digital) copy, print out from it and retain it for the duration of the course of study. Course users can also retain the printouts (paper copies) for subsequent reference.
Production Cost Licence fee ($0.6/page*) + PTC photocopy/printing charges Licence fee ($0.6/page*) + PTC scanning and imposition service charge
*HKRRLS Licence Fee for 2013. Will be adjusted to $0.65/page in 2014