In Fall 2012, HKUST signed two agreements with the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society Ltd. (HKRRLS) to enable the production of photocopied (printed) and scanned (digital) course packs at the University starting Jan 2013. Media Technology and Publishing Center (MTPC) is responsible for implementing both agreements by providing copyright clearance, photocopying, digital printing, binding, page scanning and imposition to produce printed or digital course packs for course users.

What is a Course Pack?
A printed course pack is a compilation of photocopied extracts of licensed materials, designed in advance to be used in support of a course of study. Digital course pack means a compilation of extracts of licensed materials for scanning in the form of scan copies, also for supporting a course of study.

What can be included in a course pack?
A course pack can contain a variety of materials, including:

1. Materials with copyright owned by professors/instructors themselves. No fees need to be paid to any licensing bodies.
2. Materials from professors/instructors to students including course details, grading criteria, assignments, reading list, URLs for accessing online articles, examination dates, etc. No fees need to be paid to any licensing bodies.
3. Materials licensed from licensing bodies including HKRRLS. Fees need to be paid to relevant licensing bodies for distributing them to copyright owners worldwide.
4. Materials licensed from publishers or copyright owners other than HKRRLS. Fees need to be paid to the publishers/copyright holders.

Why Course Pack
  • The copyright clearance and production of course packs in HKUST, either in printed or digital form, can be done in-house by MTPC Printshop with a single request. It saves a lot of time for instructors in preparing the course materials;
  • As course packs cover the exact topics of the course. It can save a lot of money for students in buying course materials;
  • As all readings and articles contained in a course pack have been cleared for copyright. Students can possess a copy of the materials legally.

Preparation for course pack production
Instructors who wish to produce course pack should:

  1. Collect the materials to be included in the course pack. (Copyrighted materials excluded from the HKRRLS licence agreement require separate copyright clearance process, either through MTPC or by Purchasing Office);
  2. For printed course pack, prepare a good original hardcopy for photocopying or high-resolution softcopy for digital printing;
  3. For digital course pack, prepare a good original hardcopy for scanning or provide a digital version of the licensed materials;
  4. Place the course pack request through MTPC's online User Project System;
  5. Fill out the course info and bibliographical info of the HKRRLS licensed materials in the course pack;
  6. Submit the online request, print and sign the order form, and bring it together with the master copy (either hardcopy or softcopy) of the course pack to MTPC Printshop;
  7. Collect the printed course packs from MTPC Printshop;
  8. For digital course pack, upload the file (mainly in PDF) received from MTPC Printshop on LMES for students to access during the course of study, and delete it at the end of the academic year in which the digital course pack was made.
What can MTPC do for you?
  • Provide the online course pack request form for users to fill in course info and bibliographical info of licensed materials included in the course pack;
  • Counter check if submitted request is compliance with the Agreement;
  • Help clear the copyright of HKRRLS licensed materials in the course pack;
  • Obtain quotation from HKRRLS for licensed materials in excess of the limits listed in the agreement;
  • Obtain quotation for clearing the copyright of non-HKRRLS licensed materials contained in the course pack;
  • Assign a "Reference number" and create the front page notice for course pack as required by the agreement;
  • Handle the photocopying, printing and binding to produce the printed course pack based on the master copy and files received;
  • Handle the page scanning and imposition to produce the digital course pack;
  • Settle the payment of licence fee with HKRRLS and other publishers first and back charge the licence fee, printing cost or scanning fee to the user on a monthly basis;
  • Keep record of all course pack transactions and liaise with HKRRLS.
Key terms of the Course Packs Licence Agreements
  • Photocopying/printing/scanning of the licensed materials should be made and used only for giving instruction or to distribute to students for teaching, learning, discussion, or classroom use;
  • Photocopying/printing/scanning of the licensed materials can only be made on the initiative of an instructor, and copying should be done on the premises of HKUST, or by an organization authorized by HKRRLS;
  • No more than one course pack should be made in relation to the same Course of Study;
  • Course packs should not include:
    - copies of extracts from more than 30 works
    - copies of more than one complete article of any length from each issue of a newspaper, journal, or periodical in any one academic year
    - copies of more than 10%, or a chapter, of licensed materials (whichever is smaller) in any one academic year
    However, written requests to HKRRLS can be made for copies in excess of the stated limits;
  • A standard copyright page should be exhibited on the first page of every course pack;
  • A licence fee must be paid to HKRRLS for the use of copyright materials. The online system will provide data to help the Finance Office to recover the fees and transmit payment to HKRRLS.
  • For digital course pack, the scan (digital) copy:
    - must be placed on HKUST’s LMES which is only accessible by the course users during the course of study;
    - must not be placed on or linked to any website;
    - must be deleted from LMES after the course of study;
    - can be accessed, downloaded, printed out and retained by course users for the duration of the course of study for which it has been provided.